The GRASS Kinvaro Fold is a mechanism for the lift and fold door of the top cabinet. The mechanism allows the pair of doors to be lifted up out of the way; the damper mechanism creates a smooth close.

  • For 700–749mm frame height
  • Frame width 600-1200mm
  • Minimum frame depth 260mm
  • Weight of pair of doors 6.5–16.4kg
  • Space need only 41mm
  • Integrated adjustable soft-close
  • Adjustable according to door weight
  • Very easy to open, also without a handle
  • Adjustable opening angle 90–120 degrees
  • Kit includes intermediate hinges for the pair of doors (2)
  • If doors over 900mm in width, we recommend 3 hinges

Order information

61612 GRASS Kinvaro FOLD lift-and-fold door mechanism 152,52€