TriX is a profile light designed to be installed inside a cabinet. It has motion sensors: the light is turned on when the door or doors are opened and turned off when they are closed. TriX suits well for example as a work light inside a breakfast cabinet or as wardrobe lighting solution.

  • profile light with motion sensors
  • installed inside a cabinet behind double doors
  • the sensors react automatically to the opening and closing of the door
  • aluminium frame 856mm, self-adhesive
  • color tone 4000K
  • 6 W 12 V/DC
  • power cord equipped with a quick-connector, located in the middle of the sensor element
  • CRI > 80

Order information (rrp)

81910 Profile light TriX with sensors 856mm 4000K aluminium115,94€
80433 LED Transformer 12V/DC 15W 2xconnector24,18€