Customer returns

If the product you have received is faulty or damaged during transportation, or not applicable for the intended use, please proceed according to these instructions.

1. Contact the place of purchase and agree about the product return.


2. Fill in the return form below and send it to us. In addition, please print the return form and place it inside the package you are returning. You can also write the same information on any paper if you do not have a printer available.

3. Return the product in its original package. Please keep the package tidy, do not make any markings on it. Please ensure also that the package contains all the accessories and documents from the original shipment.


Note! If the customer return has not been agreed upon beforehand with the purchase place, Savo will not process the return. Adequate customer returns are processed on Fridays.

  • Agreement about customer return

    A customer return has to always be agreed upon beforehand with the place of purchase. Savo will not process customer returns that have not been agreed upon beforehand.
  • Purchase information

  • DD dot MM dot YYYY
  • Wherefrom did you buy the product?
  • Packing list can be found from the side of the package.
  • Product return

  • If you have discovered a fault in the product (scratch, inoperable part or something similar), write here a description of the fault.
  • Notifier information

  • Form submit

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.