DAMY celebrates 30 years of operations

DAMY Association of Friends of Design museum and museum of Finnish Architecture


Savo Design & Technic supports DAMY ry, which is one of the oldest friends of museums associations. It is a community of design and architecture professionals and enthusiasts for all who value our common cultural inheritance. DAMY has supported the Design museum and museum of Finnish Architecture already since 1987.

”The three key points of the association are to increase the recognizability of Finnish design and architecture, voluntary support of the named museums as well as the activities that we arrange for the members”, told Maire Mattinen, the chairwoman of the association, in her speech in the 30-years celebration of the association on 20.10.2017. ”Friendship unites: DAMY has already over 500 members from various industries.

Also Savo was there celebrating DAMY association’s 30 years of operations.

DAMY Ry 30 vuotta