GRASS – enjoy the motion

Jump into the future.


It is 8:00 in the morning, and it is freezing cold outside. The sun will rise in a few minutes. The enormous Verzasca Dam arises in front of us – the filming location of the new GRASS film. But this time, the star in maybe the world’s most famous bungee jump is not Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in the ’Man With the Golden Gun’, but instead a GRASS machine technician trainee, Laurin Tschohl. He finishes the final preparations before jumping to the depths.

The idea for this unusual film is the result of cooperation between Shining Pictures from Zurich and GRASS. The producer of the film, Stefan Bircher, summarizes the thought like this: ’When it comes to advertising to students, why show only the basics, when you could just as well show things from less conventional perspectives. Especially when talking about GRASS. Consumers, who know the company and people behind the GRASS name, know that this is an unconventional company that has the courage to execute new ideas.’

At GRASS, employees are the stars.

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