New BORA S Pure is really compact: it fits in 60 cm wide cabinet and also the installation height is less than 20 cm so there is plenty of space in the lower cabinet. The extremely compact dimensions of BORA S Pure mean that it fits into even the tiniest of kitchens, solving many space dilemmas. Even in 60 cm deep kitchen units no drawers need to be shortened in recirculation mode. With its space-saving design BORA S Pure opens up a whole new range of kitchen design options also for standard kitchen units.

Thanks to the minimalist design of the extractor and cooktop, BORA S Pure integrates seamlessly into modern kitchen architecture. Also the color of the air inlet nozzle can be chosen to suit in the decor. The color selection includes black, blue, red, orange, greige, jade green, yellow and grey. The asymmetric position of the air inlet nozzle is designed to make best use of the available space. As such, there is room for four cooking zones from which two are suitable for bigger pans and pots and two for smaller.

The intuitive controls of BORA S Pure are practically invisible in standby mode, and during operation they are scaled down to the essentials through the use of intelligent lighting. BORA S Pure is also very easy to clean – all parts that come into contact with cooking vapours can be easily removed through the wide and easily accessible inlet opening and they can be cleaned in the dishwasher. To make it easier to change the filter, it also can be accessed from the top through the air inlet opening, without removing drawers or plinth panels.

Note: You get third year warranty by registering your new BORA S Pure system.


Order information (rrp)

86473 BORA S Pure/PURSU induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, recirculating.2821,00€
86463 BORA S Pure/PURSA induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, connected to chimney.


86271 PUEDL air inlet nozzle light grey179,80€
86272 PUEDG air inlet nozzle greige179,80€
86273 PUEDR air inlet nozzle red179,80€
86274 PUEDJ air inlet nozzle jade green179,80€
86275 PUEDO air inlet nozzle orange179,80€
86276 PUEDB air inlet nozzle blue179,80€
86277 PUEDS air inlet sunny yellow179,80€
86264 BKR580 cooktop frame for S Pure, steel244,28€
86267 USL515 steel side frame 2 pieces per set215,76€
86268 USL515AB All Black side frame 2 pieces per set342,24€
86220 BORA socket 16 A, steel128,96€
86221 BORA socket 16 A, black177,32€
86254 PUAKF PURU series filter131,44€
86290 BORA Pure Ecotube Ecotube set for chimney connection (straight down)

The set includes: 1 piece EF750, 1 piece EFBV90, 1 piece EFV, 1 piece EFRG and Ecotube seals: 5 pieces EFD and 1 piece ERD

86363 BORA Pure Ecotube set for chimney connection (down and left or right).

The set includes: 1 piece EF750, 2 piece EFBV90, 1 piece EFV, 1 piece EF47, 1 piece EFBH90 and Ecotube seals: 8 pieces EFD



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Technical information

PURSU and PURSA 580 x 515 x 199 mm. Minimum kitchen unit 600 x 600 mm.

Puru and Pura induction cooktop with an integrated extractor
• 5800 x 515 x 199 mm. Minimum kitchen unit 600 x 600 mm
• 7,25 kW
• Suction 625,7 m3/h
• Energy efficiency class A+
• Intuitive sControl operating panel
• Automatic extractor control
• eSwap, new patented super easy filter change via inlet opening (Puru)
• Grease tray integrated in the grease filter
• Minimum volume 40,9-68,4 dB(A)
• Simple cleaning, all parts that come in contact with cooking vapors can be easily removed together and cleaned in the dishwasher
• Grease filter made of steel

Puru: full size drawers below