Cooker hood C-65-S2 steel

Decorated with elegance and simplicity. Stylish stainless steel T-shape wall mount cooker hood has classic squared design. Stainless steel design makes it adaptable to different types of kitchens to create a completely personal style to your home. C-65-S2 type has powerful exhaust with energy efficiency motor and squared LED spot lights. It has easy use controls on the front of the hood. Cooker hood has metal washable grease filter, can use ducted or charcoal filter version.


  • wall mounting
  • electro mechanical control
  • motor power 290–590 m3/h, int. 710 m3/h
  • noise 50–65 dB(A), int. 769 dB(A)
  • nominal power of the lighting system 2 W, 2xLED (4000 K)
  • metal washable design stainless steel grease filters
  • exhaust duct diameter 150/125 mm
  • 595/898 x 450 x 790–1060 mm
  •  595/898 x 450 x 1530 mm (w x d x h) with the  extra long ducts (replaces the original ducts)


Order information (rrp)

90366 Cooker hood C-6506-S2 60 cm steinless steel
90367 Cooker hood C-6509-S2 90 cm steinless steel
90961 Chimney extension set 990 mm steinless steel
90216 Carbon filter HS-6 (60 cm)
90217 Carbon filter HS-7 (90 cm)