F-16 is a stylish range hood with a width of 50/60cm. The range hood is equipped with its own fan motor, a reversible glass flap that guides vapors and drafts, LED lights (2x E-14) and washable metal grease filters. The range hood is easy to use with the sturdy and clear push switches on the front panel. The range hood has a pleasantly low noise level, yet the suction power is sufficient even for heavy use, which keeps the air inside the kitchen fresh. In terms of style, the F-16 is suitable for modern as well as more traditional kitchens. The device is easy to install in the furniture and connect to the socket with a plug.

  • can be integrated into cabinetry
  • motor power 163-335 m3/h
  • noise 53–69 dB(A)
  • mechanical switches
  • nominal power of the lighting system 2 x 2.5W LED, 3000 K, E14
  • metallic washable grease filter
  • exhaust duct diameter 125 mm
  • 500/600 x 505 x 150 mm (w x d x h)


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90737 F-1605-S 50cm Steel
90738 F-1606-S 60cm Steel
90272 Carbon filter HS-46 (50cm) (a pair)
90273 Carbon filter HS-47 (60cm) (a pair)