An island-mounted range hood with a timeless design. The 40 cm narrow range hood is also suitable for smaller kitchens. The silent A-energy class range hood removes fumes efficiently. Good LED lighting provides pleasant working and mood lighting for the stove. The operating switches placed on the lower surface emphasize the clean lines of the range hood. The device has three power ranges and intensive power (3+1). The range hood can be connected to the exhaust duct or installed in the room to be restored with the help of an active carbon filter.

  • ceiling mount (island)
  • motor power 297–571 m3/h, int. 713m3/h
  • noise 47–61 dB(A), int 66 dB(A)
  • electronic switches
  • timer function
  • nominal power of the lighting system 2,6 W, 2 x LED (4000 K)
  • metal washable stainless steel grease filter
  • grease filter cleaning reminder
  • exhaust duct diameter 150/125 mm
  • 400 x 862–1231 mm (w x h)

Huom! If the cooker hood is used in a recirculation mode, the needed accessory kit is 90926.

Order information (rrp, 24%)

90582 Cooker hood I-79 40 cm white
90278 Carbon filter HS-52
90296 Recirculation kit I-79