LeMans hidden corner cabinet mechanism maximizes the use of space.

  • Hidden corner cabinet mechanism with two levels
  • Colour of the levels dark grey (anthracite)
  • Load capacity up to 25kg/level
  • The height of the upper level can be adjusted
  • Frame inside height 600-750mm
  • Accessory: quiet closer/door suction

Order information (rrp)

67514 LeMans 45cm Left, door width 446mm624,96€
67515 LeMans 50cm Left, door width 496mm636,12€
67519 LeMans Lef quiet closer/door suction52,70€
67524 LeMans 45cm Right, door width 446mm624,96€
67525 LeMans 50cm Right, door width 496mm636,12€
67529 LeMans Right quiet closer/door suction52,70€