• For wood doors (radiation protection)
  • Drop-down seal has 0.5–4 mm lead sheet
  • Prevents draft
  • Prevents X-rays
  • Motion range max. 18 mm between door and floor
  • Conforms to imperfections on the floor
  • Does not scratch the floor
  • 13x39x400–2000mm (in specified length)

Product information

Aluminum 13x39mm
Groove dimensions:
Seal material:
Lead sheet and wrap
Motion range:
Lead thickness:
0.5–1.0–1.5–2.0–3.0–4.0 (same thickness as door)
400–2000mm, always delivered to specified length
Installation method:
Nailed to bottom of door

Order example:
Drop-down seal BL (1.5mm) length 1200mm

Order information

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