iLED-T light kit

iLED lights can be used to adjust the tone of white light from warm white to cool natural white. You can also adjust the brightness from effective work lighting to comfortable mood lighting.

  • surface-mount
  • aluminum, matt black
  • size 50 x 185 x 6,6 mm
  • 12V / 4W / 235lm
  • power cord 200+1800 mm
  • recommendation every 60–80 cm

Master light has a switch that controls the other lights in the kit. When the power is set on again, iLED-T remembers the previous setting.

iLED-T light kit includes 3 lights, a transducer and an 180 cm extension cord with quick connectors.

Order information (rrp)

81393  iLED-T ligh kit, 3 lights, black156,24€