Modular power socket DESK-1

Clamp attachment using a pair of table mounts to the end of the countertop or directly to the countertop using screws. The socket outlets have GST18 male input and GST18 female output connectors. The socket outlets can be connected to one another with connector cables. Also select a power cable. Select the custom modules for the additional module slots in the custom power sockets. Aluminum frame.


  • 3 grounded sockets with child-protection
  • 1 additional module slot
  • length 280 mm



  • 3 grounded sockets with child-protection
  • 2 additional module slots
  • length 325 mm

Order information

79881 Socket outlet Bachmann Desk-1 CUSTOM-1
79882 Socket outlet Bachmann Desk-1 CUSTOM-2
79885 Bachmann DESK-1 table connectors, pair