Coni Large is a socket outlet that is integrated into the counter and equipped with a cover that can be opened. Outside dimensions 387 x 151mm. Thickness of counter 10–35mm, mounting hole dimensions 369 x 138mm, a 55º -angled edge on the long back side of counters over 15mm thick needs to be created. Minimum installation depth is 56 mm (without original fixtures). Select separate power cord and additional modules.

Coni Large CUSTOM 2

  • 4 grounded sockets
  • 2 additional module slots


Coni Large CUSTOM 3

  • 3 grounded sockets
  • 3 additional module slots

Order information

79856 Socket outlet Coni Large CUSTOM 2
79857 Socket outlet Coni Large CUSTOM 3
79802 Cover Coni Large Glossy white
79804 Cover Coni Large Silver
79806 Cover Coni Large Black (upon request)

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