Design inspired by Finnish lake landscape. The very large Saimaa 60+ sink brings a feeling of majestic waters into the kitchen. The top mount sink’s narrow faucet ledger enables a large bowl, where there is room to wash even big pots and pans. Keratek Plus material has the durability of a weather-beaten cliff. Its dirt repellent surface stays beautiful even in the flurry of everyday life.

Top mount sink with a faucet ledger.

  • outer measurements 610 x 500 mm
  • hole measurement for the sink 590 x 480 mm
  • central faucet hole
  • XL size bowl 540 x 400 mm
  • depth 190 mm
  • colour white
  • material Keratek Plus
  • guarantee 20 years
  • includes Prevex Flexloc water trap and plumbing
  • black drain plug with black overflow parts available as an accessory
  • remote drain kit available as an accessory

The sink fits in 60 cm cabinet if it is not closest to the edge or wall.

Order information (rrp)

38080 Composite sink SAIMAA 60+ white



38901 Chopping board WOOD 200x425mm

38921 Roll mat 440x310mm black

38931 Washing bowl and drainer Kuurna black

38955 Drain plug black

38950 Stainless steel cover of the foot valve

38951 Remote drain kit Flexloc