SENSE is the most efficient stove guard on the market. It recognizes fire hazards intelligently and prevents fires caused by overheated electric stoves. SENSE will sound an alarm and, if necessary, shuts off power to the stove, if it has been left on or if it overheats. SENSE does not interfere with everyday cooking.

  • monitoring/measurement of the temperature and power consumption of the stove
  • recognizes human presence and intensifies monitoring when user is not present
  • can be used with 1- or 3-phase stoves
  • fully automated
  • sounds always an alarm before shutting off power
  • fulfills the requirements of the European EN 50615 standard
  • measurement and power management unit’s Bluetooth connection automatically recognizes different stove types
  • can be used with all electric stoves
  • cannot be used with gas stoves

Order information (rrp)

94243 Stove guard SENSE 3-phase (BT)

94241 Stove guard SENSE 1-phase (BT)