• Glass sliding door plate for one door
  • Very smooth and quiet
  • Maximum door weight 80kg
  • Glass thickness 8–12mm
  • LGA-tested 100.000 times
  • Adjustable door stop
  • Solid glass easy to install using double tracks
  • Tracks made of aluminum, available as steel-tone

Order information

37501 Junior 80-GP for glass door
37510 Cover piece kit GP matte chrome
37511 Cover piece kit GP chrome
37513 Cover piece kit GP stainless steel
37602 Bottom guide for 8–12mm glass
35010 Junior 80 top track
36010 SoftMove silencer
35082 Double track for Junior solid glass
35084 Double track cover
35085 Bottom profile of solid glass
35086 Solid glass rubber strip 10m
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