iLED lights can be used to adjust the tone of white light, from a warm white to a cool natural white. You can also adjust the brightness from effective work lighting to comfortable mood lighting.

  • Stainless steel
  • Recess Ø 58 x 12mm
  • Brightness 173lm
  • 12V/3W
  • Power cord 1800mm
  • Recommendation every 50-70cm

Light kits (rrp)

81582 iLED-58 kit 2 lights257,67€
81583 iLED-58 kit 3 lights299,58€
81584 iLED-58 kit 4 lights341,50€

Order information (rrp)

81390 Spot iLED-5834,72€
80416 Control kit iLED181,04€
80483 Extension cord 1800mm7,19€