Design inspired by Finnish lake landscape – quiet power of a calm lake.

Syväri is a timeless and minimalistic stainless-steel sink with a firm faucet ledger. The satin finished sink is strong and silent like the lake landscape itself because it has been made with premium stainless steel. It has nothing redundant, only pure beauty. Perfect slope ensures that all water residues flow away from the sink after use and its noise reduction is superb. The sink is also hygienic and easy to clean as well as totally recyclable.

Top or flush mount sink with a faucet ledger.

  • outer measurements 540 x 510 mm
  • hole measurement for the sink 530 x 495 mm, R10
  • flush measurement 552 x 512 mm, R11
  • steel enforced faucet ledger
  • central faucet hole
  • size of the bowl 500 x 400 mm
  • depth 200 mm
  • material satin finished stainless steel AISI 304 18/10
  • material strength 1 mm
  • soundproof
  • integral overflow outlet
  • includes Prevex Flexloc water trap and plumbing
  • remote drain kit available as an accessory

Deliveries start in August 2021.

Order information (rrp)

39121 Stainless-steel sink SYVÄRI 60 steel




38901 Chopping board WOOD 200x425mm59,00€
38921 Roll mat 440x310mm black79,00€
38950 Stainless steel cover of the foot valve13,00€
38951 Remote drain kit Flexloc59,00€