• Dark gray anthracite and white
  • For all 500mm deep Nova boxes
  • Adjustable dividers for far trays
  • The material is easy-care plastic

Order information

66223 VISIO organizer 40cm anthracite11,53€
66224 VISIO organizer 40cm anthracite12,28€
66225 VISIO organizer 50cm anthracite14,63€
66226 VISIO organizer 60cm anthracite16,74€
66227 VISIO organizer 70cm anthracite23,06€
66228 VISIO organizer 80cm anthracite26,66€
66229 VISIO organizer 90cm anthracite30,26€
66230 VISIO organizer 100cm anthracite32,61€
66221 Divider VISIO organizer grey2,36€
66264 VISIO organizer 40cm white12,28€
66265 VISIO organizer 50cm white14,63€
66266 VISIO organizer 60cm white16,74€
66268 VISIO organizer 80cm white26,66€
66221 Divider VISIO organizer grey2,36€

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