Wireless relay contact information LKT-1

A stove fan, cooker hood or BORA connected to the exhaust duct of the apartment can quickly cause unwanted negative pressure in the apartment, if the above-mentioned device does not tell the ventilation machine of the apartment that it is on (i.e. the fan is running).

The WIRELESS  kit LKT-1 uses radio frequencies, and brings the potential free relay contact information needed by the ventilation machine to every hood and hood installation, where the hood has its own or an external motor (top extractor). The range of the radio transmitter-receiver pair is up to 30m. The ventilation machine’s support for relay contact input must always be checked with the IV machine manufacturer.

Note! LKT-1 only transmits the  relay contact information, it does not do it itself. The relay contact feature must be found either in the hood itself or in the hood, or it can be done with a separate differential pressure switch PEK-1.

The components of a wireless transceiver system are:

1 x Radio transmitter (with battery, included)
1 x Radio receiver (requires 230 VAC supply)
1 x 230VAC auxiliary relay with closing and opening contacts, DIN 35mm socket
1 x Module housing IP40 with two cable feed-through connectors

Order information (rrp)

91335 SAVO wireless relay contact information LKT-1