Savo products on view at 2020 Housing Fair

Housing Fair in Tuusula 3.-30.8.2020


The 50th annual Housing Fair, the largest housing and living event in Finland, is arranged in Tuusula.

You can see Savo products at the following sites:

  • 1 Lake Residence Tuusula: BORA Pure (four BORA systems)
  • 2 Pikkupolku: Quattro plinth feet, Lounge handles
  • 17 Talo Keuda (sivurakennus): BORA Pure
  • 19 Sievitalo Kultakoivu: Savo C-78 cooker hood, Twist Around sockets
  • 22 Townhouse Rokka: Twist Around sockets
  • 24 Omatalo Kulma: Savo IH-76 cooker hood
  • 25 Kontio Hill House: BORA Pure, Edge Straight handles, Twist Around sockets, Savo lighting
  • 26 Terratinta-talo: Concepta sliding door mechanisms, R-Dock sockets
  • 38 Finnlog Hetena: Twist Around sockets
  • 41 Honka Huomen: BORA Pure, Twist Around sockets

The location of these sites is marked on the map below.

Additionally, at several sites can be found products offered also by Savo, such as

  • Voltti sockets
  • Libero electronic opener
  • Hailo Grass Cargo recycling mechanism
  • iLED lights
  • Rondo light mirror


Welcome to the Housing Fair!