SFS 6000 standard series has been updated

New recommendation regarding stove guards


SFS 6000 standard now recommends installation of a stove guard to all new kitchens. According to the updated recommendation all new apartments need to be equipped with a stove guard, because cooking is the most common cause of residential fires.

The stove guards that are used need to fulfill the requirements of EN50615 standard. The stove guard needs for example to be able to prevent a fire hazard before oil on a pan reaches self-ignition temperature. Traditional timers and safe stoves are not able to do this. Only equipment that shuts off power to the stove in a fire hazard situation fulfills the requirements of the EN50615 standard.

SAVO stove guard fulfills the requirements of the EN50615 standard and works with all electric stoves. Read more about the product at: https://savo.fi/tuote/savo-liesivahti-ja-vesivuoroanturit/.

More information about the SFS 6000 standard series (in Finnish): https://www.sfs.fi/sfs6000.

Savo liesivahti