The most popular cooker hoods are also available with EC–control technology

SAVO e-series, the new generation cooker hoods have been designed to steer roof fans and ventilation systems equipped with energy efficient EC-motors (DC-technology).


The communication between EC-motor (EC=Electronically Communicated) and cooker hood uses the standard small voltage signal (0–10 VDC). The only requirement is that the motor provides 10-11,4 VDC voltage to cooker hood.

Savo EC–ohjaus

SAVO cooker hood in e-series drives roof fans and ventilation systems equipped with EC-motors.

Factory settings have been made in that way that no specific adjustments are needed. During the startup the first speed can be easily set “forced on” position by a switch in electronics. This is mandatory if the cooker hood controls a ventilation environment which should stay running continuously.

If needed the electrician can adjust all the three speeds of the cooker hood according to the specifications and design factors. Instructions to perform the speed adjustments are available from Savo by request.

To get familiar with SAVO e-series please enter to the side-menu “EC-control”.