Top-class activated charcoal filter

BORA ULB-3 activated charcoal filter provides superior air purification – proven in tests!


Savo Bora ulb-3 aktiivihiilisuodatinBORA tested the ULB-3 activated charcoal filter (formerly UUE3) in an independent test laboratory. The air cleaning box has a whopping 98,7 % odour reduction level, which is the best in class on the market.

ULB-3 can be used with all BORA recirculation systems. It can be connected also with other recirculation cooker hoods using separately acquired tubes when maximized odour removal is needed. We recommend Ecotubes for the connections.

The effective ULB-3 is a secure choice for everyone who values safe air purification solution and fresh, ozone free indoor air. It has 3 charcoal filter cartridges whose service life is about 400 hours / 2 years.

Familiarize yourself more closely with the test and the certification.

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