BORA Inspiration Tour in Finland for the first time!

See and experience BORA!

Come and experience the stylish BORA novelties and BORA devices that have won several design awards. You also get treats made by top chefs. Cooking at the events are TV-chef and food stylist Harri Syrjänen, chef Ari Ruoho from restaurant Nokka, chef Aki Kinnunen from Miller’s BBQ and chef Mikko Pakola from restaurant Smör.

You get to see first time ever in Finland the new beautiful and super effective BORA X BO flex oven. On view are also for example the new BORA Professional 3.0 and Kuluttaja Magazine’s 2021 test winner BORA Pure.

BORA Inspiration Tour sites:

Helsinki Narinkkatori Wed. 1.9. 10.00-19.00, open to public 16.00-19.00, chef Harri Syrjänen
Helsinki Narinkkatori Thu. 2.9. 9.00-16.00, open to public 9.00-12.00 and 14.00-16.00, chef Ari Ruoho
Tampere ASTA fair Fri. to Sat. 3.-4.9., open to public 10.00-17.00, chef Aki Kinnunen
Turku Hämähäkkitontti Sun. 5.9., open to public 10.00-17.00, chef Mikko Pakola.

The events will be organized safely taking into account the covid-19 restrictions. We will for example limit the entrance to the BORA truck so that visitors can maintain safe distance to each others’ while familiarizing themselves with the BORA devices.

Welcome, see you next week!