6/2020 Bearkoti Mira Karhunen

BORA Pure in a detached house in Espoo

4/2020 Sara Parikka

BORA Pure in a detached house in Espoo

3/2020 Katariina Knuuti

BORA Pure in an apartment building in Helsinki

2/2020 Kesko

Savo iLED profile lights and T-93 cooktop extractor to K-Kampus media kitchen

1/2020 Franz Design

BORA Pure in a design studio in Helsinki

11/2019 Meli ja Taro Valo / Kaluste Ruohonen

BORA Classic, iLED island, Nova Classic drawers and Tiomos hinges in a detached house in Rauma

10/2019 Grand Residence 21

Hawa Concepta, Concepta Folding ja Multifold mechanisms in prestigious residence

10/2019 Marko Vesaikko

BORA Professional 2.0 in a summerhouse in Asikkala

5/2019 Country Sally -blog

Savo eRH-95 cooker hood in lifestyle blogger’s kitchen

3/2019 Matti Kokkonen

BORA Basic in a detached house in Jyväskylä

1/2019 Heikki Paasonen

BORA Basic Plus in an apartment building in Helsinki

9/2018 Harri Höglund

BORA Classic in a loft apartment built in an old workhouse.

9/2018 New children’s hospital

HAWA Junior sliding door mechanisms and PLANET SL drop-down seals in the New children’s hospital

6/2018 Esan Levykaluste

GRASS Nova Pro Scala drawers and GRASS Tiomos hinges in Esan Levykaluste furniture

5/2018 Lumia Keittiöt

GRASS Nova Pro Scala drawers in Lumia Keittiöt fixtures.

2/2018 Lainahöyhenissä-blog

BORA Basic Plus in lifestyle blogger’s kitchen.

1/2018 Villa Kaius -blog

Savo iLED-spots and BORA Basic in Villa Kaius log house.

12/2017 Näyttämö-Keittiöt

Savo mechanisms in Näyttämö’s furniture.

9/2017 Floating villas in Dubai

Savo eRH-95 steel hoods in floating luxury villas by Admares.

5/2017 Baltic 175 Pink Gin

HAWA Junior sliding door mechanisms in Baltic Yachts’ luxury sloop.

5/2017 Laurin talot TV-program

HAWA Concepta sliding door mechanism in Lauri’s, Elastinen’s and Jarppi’s house.

2/2017 Fiskari31-blog

Hood eRH-95 Steel in townhouse in Kalasatama.

3/2016 National Library of Finland

Elbox XL modular electrical outlets in National Library of Finland.

1/2016 LATO-blog

BORA Basic in Kannustalo’s Lato-house in Tampere region.

6/2015 Pieni talo Helsingissä -blog

BORA Basic in a private house in Northern Helsinki.