Holiday season 2020 approaches

Getting back to normal after Covid-19 restrictions


The operations of Savo Design have been affected by the ongoing Covid-19 situation. We have been working mostly remotely and our office has been closed for public since mid-March.

Now we are gradually moving back to normal way of working. Our office has reopened on June 1st and thus we welcome visitors to explore our novelties in our showroom in Vantaa. Our sales representatives have also started to travel (domestic only) – depending on our clients’ wishes and guidelines. When meeting our clients, we respect the general rules of social distances and hygiene, and naturally we only work when completely healthy.

Holiday season is starting for us now, and – as always – we have split our vacations so that we are able to serve our clients normally without any breaks. Our premises are open daily from 8-16 and we deliver goods normally. With very few exceptions, we have been able to send products to our clients on a normal basis and outlook for the summer months remains the same.

We wish you all a nice summer period. Let us all do our part in helping the society to recover and utilize those services that have suffered most in Finland. Maybe we’ll meet in some tourist attraction during summer!