• cabinet widths 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm ja 80 cm
  • depth 400 mm, height 310 mm
  • changeable bin order
  • silenced GRASS Nova Pro 400 mm slide
  • drawer side GRASS Nova Pro SCALA 400mm
  • in Scala 186 mm drawer bins can be on the bottom of the drawer
  • in Scala 90 mm drawer without base plate
  • two kits can be installed on top of each other

With a drawer slide that is attached to the base plate a wide drawer can be divided so that a narrow bin collar can be used.

Order information (rrp)

60340 Bin collar’s additional drawer side 170x378mm34,72€
60344 Bin collar 40cm Nova SCALA 378mm58,28€
60345 Bin collar 50cm Nova SCALA 378mm68,20€
60346 Bin collar 60cm Nova SCALA 378mm69,44€
60348 Bin collar 80cm Nova SCALA 378mm90,52€
19013 Nova Scala 90 drawer side 400mm
19033 Nova Scala 186 drawer side 400mm
17413 Nova PRO slide 40kg 400mm
60305 Bin MS-5 grey 5 ltr8,31€
60310 Bin MS-10 grey 10 ltr8,06€
60317 Bin MS-17 grey 17 ltr14,76€
60321 Bin MS-21 grey 21 ltr16,62€

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