The minimalistic design of BORA Classic 2.0 fits beautifully in modern kitchens. The modular system has several different cooktops to choose from to combine with the effective but silent extractor. There are also ready sets available that are delivered ready to be installed.

It is very easy and pleasant to use BORA Classic 2.0. The patented sControl+ operating panel is simpler than ever: it works intuitively with a swipe or a tap of you finger and all important functions can be accessed with a single touch. Four 24 cm pots fit simultaneously on the oversized cooking areas, and the extractor is always very quiet – even on high power levels – thanks to optimum airflow and extremely quiet fan in the kitchen plinth area. Also the grease filter is patented. It doesn’t loose its efficiency over time because grease is gathered on a plate below the filter. And all parts that come into contact with cooking vapors or grease can be easily removed through the wide inlet opening. They can then be cleaned in the dishwasher, where they take up very little space.

BORA Classic 2.0 has received several design awards. In addition to the Red Dot Award 2019, the solution has received IF Design Award 2019 as well as Iconic Award 2019. It has also received the Plus X Award for the “Best Product of the Year 2019”.

Note: You get third year warranty by registering your new BORA Classic 2.0 system.

Sets (rrp)

86094 Classic 2.0 CKA2FIAB All Black induction/induction (limitless) set7898,80€
86096 Classic 2.0 CKA2FI induction/induction (limitless) set7686,76€
86097 Classic 2.0 CKA2FIT induction/tepan set (limitless induction)8801,52€

Order information (rrp)

86140 Classic 2.0 CKA2 cooktop extractor2511,00€
86141 Classic 2.0 CKA2AB All Black cooktop extractor2721,80€
86142 Classic 2.0 CKCB ceramic cooktop1466,92€
86143 Classic 2.0 CKFI induction cooktop (limitless)1960,44€
86144 Classic 2.0 CKI induction cooktop (2-areas)1664,08€
86145 Classic 2.0 CKIW wok induction cooktop3202,92€
86146 Classic 2.0 CKT Tepan grill cooktop3343,04€
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86226 Classic 2.0 CER inlay-frame (TM)369,52€
86267 USL515 steel side frame 2 pieces per set215,76€
86268 USL515AB All Black side frame 2 pieces per set342,24€
86229 Classic 2.0 CKAEDAB air inlet nozzle All Black410,44€
86202 Classic 2.0 HIW1 BORA-induction wok pan561,72€
86203 BORA Surface induction grill pan
86183 BORA filter ULBF355,88€
86194 BORA power filter, 3-part ULB3X823,36€
86195 BORApower filter’s exchange set, 3-part ULB3AS512,12€
86220 BORA socket 16 A, steel122,76€
86221 BORA socket 16 A, black168,64€
86050 BORA plinth fan (ULS) EC1465,68€
86161 BORA duct fan (ULI) EC1559,62€
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Technical specifications

CKA2FI induction/induction (limitless) set
• 2 x CKFI, 1 x CESDF, 1 x ULS, 1 x EFV-1

CKA2FIT induction/tepan set
• 1 x CKFI, 1 x CKT, 1 x CESDF, 1 x ULS

CKA2 cooktop extractor with an integrated user interface
• 116 x 515 x 190 mm

CKCB ceramic cooktop 3,7kW
• 327 x 515 x 75 mm

CKFI limitless two area induction cooktop
• extra large cooking areas 230 x 230 (460) mm
• 3,7kW
• 327 x 515 x 58 mm

CK1 2-area induction cooktop
• 3,7kW
• 327 x 515 x 58 mm

CK1W wok induction cooktop
• 3,0kW, use with BORA HIW1 wok pan
• 327 x 515 x 116 mm

CKT two area stainless steel Tepan grill
• 3,5kW, includes Tepan spatula PTTS1
• 327 x 515 x 73 mm.

ULS plinth fan
• 660 m3/h
• cord 0,6 m
• 370 x 380 x 100 mm.