The new BORA multi-drawer is extremely versatile: you can use it to pre-heat plates and dishes, cook at low temperatures, defrost food, or simply keep meals warm. When using the deeper version of the multi-drawer, you can even work on two levels, for example heating plates simultaneously while cooking at low temperature.

BORA multi-drawer is intuitive to operate. Simply tap the user-friendly touchscreen to select the desired programme from the preset – or set the temperature and heating duration individually. If networked with a BORA X BO, the multi-drawer can also be controlled via its display.

BORA multi-drawer is easy to clean. All its surfaces are easy to access and there are no sharp edges or joints, so everything is gleamingly clean again in a flash.

The BORA multi-drawer impresses with its refined All Black design. You can integrate it behind a kitchen drawer front so it is indistinguishable from other drawers, or you can finalize the front with a stylish black BORA glass.


Order information (rrp)

85751 MSS140 Multi-drawer, All Black glass panel2285,32€
85752 MSS290 Multi-drawer, All Black glass panel2539,52€
85761 MS140 Multi-drawer, flush-integrated surface2143,96€
85762 MS290 Multi-drawer, flush-integrated surface2369,64€
MSER multi-drawer shelf rack. Compatible with MS290 ja MSS290114,08€
Delivery product

Technical specifications

BORA MS/MSS140 ja MS/MSS290 Multi-drawer.

• Supply voltage 220-240 V
• Frequency 50/60 Hz
• Maximum power consumption 810 W
• Minimum fuse protection 1 x 16 A
• Power supply cable length 180 cm
• Power supply cable type C13/E+F

• Temperature control range 30-100°
• Temperature levels 1-6
• Time stages 1-6 h
• Touch display or expanded operating options and range of functions thanks to networking with BORA X BO
• Warming crockery 60°C / 1 hr
• Keeping food warm 70°C / 3 hr
• Defrosting food 30°C / 4 hr
• Reheating food 100°C / 1 hr
• Low-temperature cooking 80°C / 30 min to 6 hr
• BORA Connect, connectivity
• Handless, Push 2 Open

Front panels
• MS140 / MS290 flush-integrated surface, delivered without front panel.
• MSS140 / MSS290 with All Black glass panel.


Measurements MS140 / MSS140 (width x depth x height)
• MS140 559 x 537 x 140 mm
• MSS140 All Black glass panel 595 x 4 x 138 mm
• Installation dimensions 560 x 560 x 140 mm
• Dimensions of the oven chamber 525 x 410 x 97 mm
• Oven chamber volume 20 l
• Maximum loading weight 25 kg
• Weight incl. accessories and packaging MS140 19,2 kg
• Weight incl. accessories and packaging MSS140 21,3 kg
• Weight MS140 16,4 kg
• Weight MSS140 18,2 kg

Measurements MS290 / MSS290 (width x depth x height)
• MS290 559 x 537 x 290 mm
• MSS290 All Black glass panel 595 x 4 x 288 mm
• Installation dimensions 560 x 560 x 290 mm
• Dimensions oven chamber 525 x 410 x 247 mm
• Oven chamber volume 50 l
• Maximum loading weight 25 kg
• Weight incl. accessories and packaging MS290 24 kg
• Weight incl. accessories and packaging MSS290 27,6 kg
• Weight MS290 20,7 kg
• Weight MSS290 23,9 kg


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