BORA X Pure with its minimalistic design fits beautifully in a present-day kitchen. There’s plenty of room to cook on the oversized limitless induction areas and cooking is also effortless. The unique vertical slider of the sControl operating panel gives easy and quick access to all important functions. The automatic bridging function guarantees even and complete warming of the biggest pots and pans. Also the extractor control is automatic, and the extractor pleasantly quiet even at high power levels. And the variable heat retention keeps food warm at an optimum temperature without any danger of burning it.

BORA X Pure is very handy to clean too – all parts that come into contact with cooking vapors are easy to remove through the wide inlet opening. They can be cleaned in a dishwasher where they take very little space. To make life easier, the effective activated charcoal filter is changed through the same inlet opening in recirculating models, without the need to remove the drawers or the plinth panels.

The new BORA X Pure won the Plus X Award 2020 for Innovation, High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and Functionality before it was even officially placed on the market. It also won the MUSE Design Awards 2019 Platinum recognition in the 2nd season of the 2019 MUSE Creative/MUSE Design Awards competition in the category product design/home appliances. The latest recognition of the design of BORA X Pure is the respected IF Design Award 2020.

Note: You get third year warranty by registering your new BORA X Pure system.

Order information (rrp)

86453 BORA X Pure/PUXU cooktop with an integrated extractor, recirculating. Stock product.5087,72€
86443 BORA X Pure/PUXA cooktop with an integrated extractor, connected to chimney. Delivery product.5087,72€
86266 BKR830 steel inlay-frame322,40€
86267 USL515 steel side frame 2 pieces per set215,76€
86268 USL515AB All Black side frame 2 pieces per set342,24€
86203 BORA surface induction grill pan (May 2023)468,72€
86220 BORA socket 16 A, steel128,96€
86221 BORA socket 16 A, black177,32€
86254 PUAKF filter146,32€
86290 BORA Pure/ X Pure Ecotube set for chimney connection (straight down).

The set includes: 1 x EF750, 1 x EFBV90, 1 x EFV, 1 x EFRG and Ecotube seals: 5 x EFD and 1x ERD

86363 BORA Pure/ X Pure Ecotube set for chimney connection (down to the side).

The set includes: 1 x EF750, 1 x EFBV90, 1 x EFV, 1 x EFBV90, 1 x EF47, 1 x EFBH90 and Ecotube seals: 5 x EFD and 1 x ERD

Delivery product.

Technical specifications

BORA X Pure/PUXU and X Pure/PUXA 830 x 515 x 199 mm. Minimum kitchen unit 900 x 600mm.

PUXU and PUXA induction cooktop with an integrated extractor
• 830 x 515 x 199 mm. Minimum kitchen unit 900 x 600 mm
• 7,6 kW
• Suction 626,1 m3/h
• Energy efficiency class A+
• Intuitive sControl operating panel
• Automatic extractor control
• eSwap, new patented super easy filter change via inlet opening (PUXU)
• Grease tray integrated in the grease filter
• Minimum volume 41,2–68,6 dB(A)
• Simple cleaning, all parts that come in contact with cooking vapors can be easily removed together and cleaned in the dishwasher
• Grease filter made of steel

PUXU: no need to shorten drawers, no need for tubes. Confirm dimensions from the kitchen supplier.

BKR760 steel inlay-frame
• 764 x 519 x 7 mm