The new HAWA Concepta III mechanism turns a hinged door into the frame of the cabinet. If a standard door width is used, the cabinet frame should be abridged. If a standard frame is used (e.g. space needed for appliances), the door should be widened.

  • For wooden doors
  • Door width 440–750 mm
  • Door height 1200–2200 mm
  • Door thickness 18–26 mm
  • Required space width 55 mm, depth 95 mm
  • LGA tested 40.000 times
  • Swiss made


Note the handedness and order the basic set & upright profile & PULL set.

Corner profiles are recommended to be used with the cover plate.

Order information (rrp, 24%)

31101 Concepta III 25 basic set LEFT 1200–2200 mm591,48€
31102 Concepta III 25 basic set RIGHT 1200–2200 mm591,48€
31114 Concepta III upright profile 1974 mm195,92€
31121 Concepta III 25/35 PULL set LEFT688,20€
31122 Concepta III 25/35 PULL set RIGHT688,20€
31140 Concepta III cover bracket kit 55/560 mm168,64€