Cooker hood dGH-m37 steel

This integrated Modular DUAL series cooker hood can drive both EC  and AC motors. It has an intelligent electronics and software developed by Savo. User can configure cooker hood characteristics and compatibility to suit best the house and personal preferences. As an accessory for the Modular Dual cooker hood family, there is available a handy and easy to install motor valve (mV-125), which makes the cooker hood capable of driving also EC house ventilation machines.Support for AC house ventilation machines, please ask more information from Savo Sales support.

  • can be integrated in the cabinetry
  • drives both AC and EC  (max. 420W), roof fans and ventilation machines
  • can drive both AC and EC motors simultaneously
  • electrically timed valve, partially closing, adjustable. Easy to retrofit
  • versatile features and configurability to support a wide variety of HVAC systems; including Winter Start, timed intensive speed, automated switching of off lights and fan, turbo, fire place mode, 24/7 mode (motor always on at least at speed 1)
  • potential free relay contact information, either from the motor valve (if installed) or the fan
  • cooker hood SW can be updated during the whole life span of the cooker hood. This is done with the separate Windows based configuration tool (Savo Configuration Tool)
  • all the basic settings of the cooker hood are easily doable also without Savo Configuration Tool, with the embedded DIP switches
  • all speeds adjustable
  • short circuit protected AC motor output
  • nominal power of the lighting system 2 x 4,6 W (3000K)
  • timer functions
  • washable metal filters
  • grease filter service time reminder
  • exhaust duct diameter 125 mm
  • 495 x 256 mm (the needed hole size in the cabinetry)

      Product Info (rrp, alv24%)

      99700 dGH-m3705-S 52 cm Steel

      91360 Motorized valve kit mV-125

      91370 Cold shelter valve kit 125mm

      91036 Design bottom panel white

      91037 Design bottom panel matt black

      91315 md family cooker hood programming cable
      Savo Configuration Tool (SW)0,00€

      Contact Savo customer service in order to get the Savo Configuration Tool.

      Note! If the cooker hood is connected to the house ventilation machine (i.e. not to the roof top fan) you need to add also mV-125 in the bill of material.

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