Tavinea Optima divider can be used with 186mm GRASS Scala drawers. Versatile and easy to move dividers keep the drawers in good order.

  • color dark grey or white
  • divider 90 x 153mm
  • profile 8 x 95mm
  • the profile can be shortened (the inner width of the trunk -70mm)
  • several dividers can be attached to a profile

Tip: Use together with an anti-slip mat.

Order information (rrp)

66681 Tavinea Optima end piece grey7,32€
66682 Tavinea Optima profile 1098mm grey38,94€
66683 Tavinea Optima divider grey8,93€
66686 Tavinea Optima end piece white7,32€
66687 Tavinea Optima profile 1098mm white38,94€