The extremely smoothly opening GRASS DynaPro slide is used together with Vianoro drawers or with self-made wood drawers.

  • Fully extractable
  • Smooth, silenced closing
  • Silent and smooth
  • Load capacities 40kg and 70kg
  • Fully synchronized slides
  • Tested (LGA) 60,000 times
  • Installed under the drawer out of sight
  • 3D adjustments
  • Space requirement slide length +3mm

Order information

11000 VIONARO drawer fittings
17101 DYNAPRO wood drawer fittings
17201 DYNAPRO 270mm drawer 40kg slide
17202 DYNAPRO 300mm drawer 40kg slide
17204 DYNAPRO 350mm drawer 40kg slide
17206 DYNAPRO 400mm drawer 40kg slide
17208 DYNAPRO 450mm drawer 40kg slide
17210 DYNAPRO 500mm drawer 40kg slide
17212 DYNAPRO 550mm drawer 40kg slide
17220 DYNAPRO 500mm drawer 70kg slide
17222 DYNAPRO 600mm drawer 70kg slide