The Grass Vionaro 185 mm drawer is available in two color options, snow white, and graphite.

  • Straight interior and exterior wall
  • Lowest force required to open (20N)
  • Integrated height, side and angle adjustment
  • Load capacity 40kg or 60kg
  • Patented bottom assembly

NO assembly for bottom or drawer rear.
NO separate drawer rear brackets.

Order information

11461 Vionaro drawer 189/270mm graphite
11464 Vionaro drawer 189/350mm graphite
11466 Vionaro drawer 189/400mm graphite
11470 Vionaro drawer 189/500mm graphite
11661 Vionaro drawer 189/270mm white
11664 Vionaro drawer 189/350mm white
11666 Vionaro drawer 189/400mm white
11670 Vionaro drawer 189/500mm white
11000 Vionaro/DynaPro slide fitting (left+right)
11801  Vionaro drawer front bracket Screw
11802 Vionaro drawer front bracket Dowel 10mm
11803 Vionaro drawer front bracket Snap-on
11812 Vionaro lisäkiinnike korkea etusarja

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