KINETIC wireless energy switch can be installed to any desired place. It operates on kinetic energy so it does not require batteries or wiring. The switch turns lights on or off and works also as a dimmer.

  • a group of lights can be operated with several switches
  • one switch can operate several light groups
  • 12V DC, max 80W
  • control unit/receiver is connected in between power supply and lights
  • color white
  • the size of the switch 86 x 86 x 16 mm
  • IP20

The series includes a wall switch, receiver and 6-part splitter cord. KINETIC switch works together with SAVO X-Line and Eyespot Mini lights as well as LED strip.

Order information (rrp)

80571 KINETIC wireless switch set141,36€
80572 KINETIC wall switch (accessory)43,40€
80573 KINETIC receiver (accessory)112,84€