With the LED strip and surface mounted aluminium profile you can make lights that are the perfect length for you need.

  • profile 9 x 18 x 2500mm
  • includes light cover profile
  • powerful LED strip 2500mm
  • neutral white 4000K
  • input power 9,6W/meter
  • 12V/DC 24W
  • Ra > 85
  • adhesive label attachment
  • power cord 200cm at both ends

The LED strip can be cut in 25mm intervals.

Product information (rrp)

81240 Aluminium profile and cover 2500mm54,56€
81241 End piece pair grey 9 x 18mm3,10€
81242 Fastener for the aluminium profile 9 x 18mm1,98€
81501 LED light strip 12V/24W 2500mm 4000K71,92€
81502 LED light strip 12V/24W 2500mm 3200K71,92€
80433 Converter 12V/DC 15W (2 x connector)27,28€
80435 Converster 12V/DC 30W (2 x connector)38,44€
80470 Splitter 6 parts LED (20 cm)9,55€
80472 Extension cord 200cm LED8,80€
80473 Extension cord 200cm 6-osainen LED13,39€