This bathroom sink inspired by the vast Koitere lake is made of durable DuraTek composite material. Its smooth surface reminds of a calm lake surface on a summer morning, and it stays clean like a wilderness lake.

Koitere combines conveniently a spacious bathroom sink and a vanity top. The top is only 10 mm thick, so the product is light. The stylish vanity top bathroom sink suits well in even the most minimalistic interior design styles.

  • installed on top of a bathroom sink cabinet (recommended depth 465 mm)
  • outer measurements 1205 x 487 mm
  • sink size 670 x 300 mm
  • sink depth 110 mm
  • ready drillings for the tap and overflow
  • color white
  • material innovative DuraTek composite
  • guarantee 10 years
  • includes Prevex Preloc watertrap with a bendable sewer pipe and POP-UP drain plug


Deliveries starting from week 37.

Order information (rrp, 24%)

37540 Vanity top bathroom sink KOITERE 120 white



37955 Drain plug POP-UP black