GRASS T-Slim mechanism for lift-up door maximizes the inner width of the cabinet. T-Slim can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted in the cabinet.

  • small opening force
  • stops where desired
  • adjustable spring
  • opening angle 107˚, can be limited to 75˚
  • 3D adjustments
  • possibility for surface mounting
  • color white ICE
  • cover plates can be painted

PF = (door weight kg + 2 x handle weight kg) x door height mm

Order information (rrp)

61451 GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim surface-mounting adapter ICE
61462 GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim PF 500-1100 mechanism ICE
61463 GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim PF 1000-2250 mechanism ICE