Create order in your kitchen with modular WOOD organizers! Beautiful wooden organizers and holders combined with modern GRASS Scala drawers guarantee that kitchen ware stays in order. You can equip the drawer from side to side or divide it in sections with just one 10/20cm wide organizer.

  • adjustable
  • easy to plan the interior of a drawer
  • material durable rubber tree
  • can be used with all 480mm deep drawers

Hint: use together with anti-slip matt for the bottom of drawer!

Order information (rrp)

65352 WOOD cutlery tray (304mm)48,36€
65353 WOOD organizer narrow (100mm)26,04€
65354 WOOD organizer wide (200mm)29,76€
65355 WOOD knife block (200mm)50,84€
65356 WOOD spice holder (200mm)28,52€
65361 WOOD high organizer small34,72€
65362 WOOD high organizer big63,24€