Bora Basic cooktop and extractor combination has proven to be practical

Customer:Iisa Laatio
Site:Villa Kaius Honka log house
Savo solutions: Savo iLED-spots, BORA Basic

Interior designer and entrepreneur Iisa Laatio has been blogging about the log house that the family has been dreaming about for long, Villa Kaius. In January 2018 the family already lived in the house and Iisa presented the living and kitchen areas of the house in her blog.


The house’s lighting was built with led-spots and dimmers so that the brightness of the lighting along with the atmosphere is easy to adjust. Savo iLED-spots that enable adjusting both the tone of light from warm to cool natural white and the brightness from effective work lighting to comfortable mood lighting were used in the kitchen. Because of the grey tones in the interior cool natural white 4000K was chosen as the tone of the light.


The family chose as energy efficient home appliances as possible. Ergo, in the kitchen island there is BORA Basic solution and the family has been very happy with it. “Bora Basic cooktop and extractor combination has proven to be exactly as practical as we expected, so I can warmly recommend it.”


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(Photo© Villa Kaius blog)

Villakaiuksen iLED valaisimet ja bora basic ratkaisu