Keittiösuunnittelun yksi tärkein linjaus oli vähäeleinen, mutta tehokas liesituuletin

Customer: Lainahöyhenissä blogger Piret
Savo solution: BORA Basic Plus BFIA

Lainahöyhenissä bora basic plusPiret tells in her Lainahöyhenissä blog about the grounds for choosing BORA Basic Plus solution and her user experiences. “One of the most important decisions in kitchen design was the unadorned but effective cooker hood.” She wanted to have an open kitchen with focus on furnishing so a hood hanging above the stove was out of the question. Because of inclined ceiling a ceiling-mounted hood was not an option and Piret didn’t want to lower the ceiling either. “Nor did an extractor that rises from the worktop suit because every additional hole in the worktop is too much and apt to break the desired unadorned look.”


Piret saw the BORA Basic Plus solution first time in a kitchen studio and was immediately excited. Large induction cooktop with an integrated extractor that suctions all the frying vapours and odours directly at the cooktop seemed to be the perfect solution for the kitchen.


Because Piret wanted to get all the cooking vapours directly out of the building she opted for the BORA Basic Plus BFIA exhaust model. The combined cooktop and extractor was designed to be installed in the island in the middle of the kitchen, so exhaust connections needed to be planned carefully. “The supervisor together with HVAC specialist and Savo product manager ended up in the solution visible in the picture below where exhaust tube was taken under the floor in concrete to the warm partition and in there up to the roof and out.”

Lainahöyhenissä keittiön mittakuva

Lainahöyhenissä bora basic 2“Bora Basic has proven to be really effective in use, and unlimited cooking zones enable maximum use of the space on the cooktop”, tells Piret. She hasn’t needed to adjust the power of the extractor once yet, because of the automatic cooktop extractor function. “The stove is modern, beautiful, easy to use and super effective – I cook a lot and don’t tolerate any hiccups from the kitchen appliances.” She praises the noise level of the extractor to be very moderate and on lower power nearly soundless. The easy cleaning pleases her too. “The air inlet nozzle in the middle is easy to remove and all crumbs etc. gather in the container under it so it is really easy to keep clean.” Piret has been perfectly happy with her choice.


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Lainahöyhenissä keittiön bora basic plus