BORA was interesting because of its minimalistic design

Customer: Katariina Knuuti
Site: An apartment building in Helsinki
Savo solution: BORA Pure induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, (recirculating Puru)

Architect Katariina Knuuti and her family were looking for a suitable downdraft extractor for their new kitchen. They planned to put the hob beside the kitchen and didn’t want cupboards or a traditional cooker hood above the hob.


”I wanted to realize the part of kitchen without cupboards as spacious as possible and utilize the space on the wall for lighting”, tells Knuuti. “BORA was interesting because of its minimalistic design. It also requires less space from the base cabinet compared to some other models, which was another big plus.” Knuuti heard about the upcoming BORA Pure model when she contacted Savo Design. “We fancied then exactly this Pure model because of its even more understated look. Its black extractor is almost indistinguishable in the center of the cooktop. Also Pure’s very easy maintenance was an important deciding factor for us.”

”Pure has been absolutely fantastic, functional and beautiful!”


”We have been extremely happy with our choice; Pure has been absolutely fantastic, functional and beautiful! And it has been very easy to use. The automatic extractor control is very handy: the extractor starts, adjusts and shuts down just by using the cooktop, and there’s no need to start the extractor separately. We value also the open space above the hob now that a separate cooker hood is not necessary. I would recommend BORA especially to kitchen islands and in situations when the space above the worktop is needed for something else than traditional cooker hood.”