Savo eRH-95 was an excellent choice

Site: Kannustalo house in Ylöjärvi
Savo solution: Savo eRH-95 ceiling hood that controls an EC roof fan

Sally built a Kannustalo house in Ylöjärvi with her family. After almost two years of living in the house she tells her user experiences about the Topi-Keittiöt kitchen and its materials as well as the kitchen appliances on her blog.


The cooktop was placed in the huge kitchen island and Savo eRH-95 cooker hood was installed in the ceiling above it. The ceiling hood was factored in the HVAC plans already in the early stages so that big enough ducts and all necessary electrical connections could be ensured. The kitchen ceiling had to be lowered a bit so that everything essential could be fitted in. Thanks to Kannustalo’s 280 cm room height the lowering of the ceiling was not a problem.


Sally praises eRH-95 as an excellent choice. “The ceiling hood is not only beautiful but also very practical. It is silent when in use and sucks superbly even if it is high up in the ceiling. It is easy to use with the remote control and this model has also effective led lights and grease filter cleaning reminder.


(Photo ©countrysally)


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