Esan Levykaluste started using in their fixtures Nova Pro Scala drawers and Tiomos hinges

Customer: Esan Levykaluste Oy
Savo solution: GRASS Nova Pro Scala drawers and GRASS Tiomos hinges

Esan Levykaluste is a high-class kitchen and home fixture manufacturer from Niinisalo. The company was founded in 1982. The company produces and designs all home custom fixtures for its customers.


In June 2018 Savo Design and Esan Levykaluste shook hands for their deepened cooperation when Esan Levykaluste started using in their fixtures technically innovative Nova Pro Scala drawers and smoothly closing Tiomos hinges that have both been awarded for their modern design. At the same time a new GRASS ZP-N-E2 drawer assembly press was set up and taken in use for fast and easy assembly of the Scala drawers.


“We are always searching for advanced solutions that enhance our operations. Savo’s high-quality and trendy GRASS solutions fit in our fixtures excellently”, told managing director Jaakko Husari. “Savo Design is also a reliable partner with whom it is always pleasant to work with.”


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Esan Levykalusteen kalusteisiin Nova Pro Scala -laatikot ja Tiomos -saranat