SAVO in Habitare 13.–17.9.2017

We are on exhibition stand 6h81 – welcome!


Come and visit the BORA cooker hoods in our department

Savo Design & Technic brings Bora strongly to the Habitare. Come and experience both Bora Basic, Bora Classic and Bora Professional in practice. You can see how a professional chef prepares food at Bora and how the integrated cooker hood eliminates the effectiveness of the taps.

Bora is one of the market’s top-tier in integrated ventilation solutions. For more than 10 years, German Bora has developed, manufactured and marketed solutions that will allow new dimensions for kitchen design. The stove can be placed even in front of the window, or in an island where there is no visually dominating cooker hood above it. Is your next Bora in your kitchen?

SAVO Habitaressa
Savo Bora PRO 3