The effects of coronavirus on Savo Design’s operations

This is how covid-19 pandemic affects our operations currently


We at Savo Design do our utmost to ensure the safety of our personnel and customers as well the continuation of our operations.

Our personnel follow strict hand hygiene and travel ban as well minimized human contacts. Our employees work mostly remotely and instead of face-to-face meetings we arrange customer meetings online or by phone.

Warehouse operations and take-away sales

We follow in our warehouse and take-away sales procedures that aim to secure the health of our customers and personnel as well as prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. We keep the take-way sales door locked and ask our customers to act according to instructions that can be found on the door when they want to do business with us. When we have outsiders such as carriers in our premises, we maintain safe distance and avoid also indirect contact for example via dispatch notes.


Posti, our main partner in domestic deliveries have announced that for now everything works as usual. Therefore, our products are delivered mainly within normal delivery times. The current situation may however cause some small delays at times.

The restriction on movement in Uusimaa that comes into effect on 28th of March will not restrict freight transport, so our deliveries will be handled normally also from that point of view.

We haven’t heard of any major delivery challenges regarding arriving goods either. We can however anticipate that there may be some delays or cancellations when the situation continues. We will inform you of this type of situations separately.

Customer service

Our customer service is available, and our sales personnel works normally, except for face-to-face meetings.

Office and showroom

The door of our office and showroom is locked for the time being. We ask customers who are planning to visit us to call us on number 0207 181 450 so that we can agree upon how we can best serve them.