The new minimalistic and modern looking BORA M Pure is suitable for cookware of all shapes and sizes. From large roasters to small pots, thanks to the zone induction areas on the left and the surface induction zones on the right everything is optimally recognised. The two 230 x 230 mm surface induction cooking zones on the right can be connected by the bridging function to create a single, large 230 x 460 mm zone that optimally heats large cookware. When using a sufficiently large roaster with permanent pan size recognition enabled, the zones are automatically combined. The two individual cooking zones on the left are ideal for smaller pots and pans. BORA M Pure offers plenty of space for the most flexible cooking experiences.

Minimum volume even at high power levels, automatic extractor control, simple cleaning, and super easy, patented filter change in recirculating models make using BORA M Pure pleasant and effortless. The solution is also easy to control using a vertical touch panel with a unique appearance thanks to the white LED indicators. All important control functions can be accessed with a single touch.

You can choose the color of the air inlet nozzle to match your kitchen coloring or suit the season. In addition to black the air inlet nozzle is available in orange, red, blue, jade green, light grey, sunny yellow and greige.

BORA M Pure is available in February 2024.

Order information (rrp, 24%)

86493 BORA M Pure/PURMU induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, recirculating. (Stock item)
86483 BORA M Pure/PURMA induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, connected to chimney. (Stock item)


Order separately BORA Pure Ecotube set for chimney connection.

86271 PUEDL air inlet nozzle grey
86272 PUEDG air inlet nozzle greige
86273 PUEDR air inlet nozzle red
86274 PUEDJ air inlet nozzle jade green
86275 PUEDO air inlet nozzle orange
86276 PUEDB air inlet nozzle blue
86277 PUEDS air inlet nozzle sunny yellow
86265 BKR760 steel inlay-frame, accessory
86267 USL515 steel side frame 2 pieces per set
86268 USL515AB All Black side frame 2 pieces per set
86220 BORA socket 16 A, steel
86221 BORA socket 16 A, black
86254 PUAKF Puru filter
86290 BORA Pure Ecotube set for chimney connection (straight down)

The set includes: 1 x EFV, 1 x EFBV90, 1 xl EF750, 1 x EFRG and Ecotube seals: 5 x EFD and 1 x ERD



86363 BORA M Pure Ecotube set for chimney connection (down and left or right).

The set includes: 1 x EF750, 1 x EFBV90, 1 x EFV, 2 x EFBV90, 1 x EF47 and Ecotube seals: 5 x EFD and 1 x ERD

86224 Ottoseal S70 silicone matt black, heat resistant


Tekniset tiedot

BORA M Pure PURMU and PURMA induction cooktop with an integrated extractor

• 760 x 515 x 199 mm
• Minimum kitchen unit 800 x 600 mm
• 7,6 kW
• Suction 625,7 m3/h
• Energy efficiency class A+
• ntuitive sControl operating panel
• Automatic extractor control
• eSwap, new patented super easy filter change via inlet opening (PURMU)
• Grease tray integrated in the grease filter
• Minimum volume 40,9-68,4 dB(A)
• H Simple cleaning, all parts that come in contact with cooking vapors can be easily removed together and cleaned in the dishwasher
• Grease filter made of steel

PURMU: full size drawers below, ask more information from your kitchen dealer

BKR760 steel inlay-frame

BORA GrillpannKWGPFI (delivery sales product)
• 469 x 270 x 61 mm
• Heat endurance 250 °C
• Aluminium
• DURIT-Resist™
• High quality nonstick surface, easy to clean
• Weight 2,6 kg
• Capasity 1,2 l
• Compatible with BORA X BO oven